Saturday, November 16, 2013


The province's Liberals will unveil their new leader tomorrow. Just how the vote will be unveiled was the subject of some unnecessary conflict yesterday as the party demonstrated its unpreparedness to the media.

As of last night, the party had agreed it was going to go back to the original plan for Sunday and announce the results of each round of voting building the suspense towards the final outcome.

The last minute confusion did nothing to enhance the party's "organizational reputation". The spat between some back room committee and a few leadership candidates spilled over to Twitter, where unimpressed journalists piped in, forcing the powers that are to rethink.

This last minute dust-up comes as hundreds, perhaps thousands, of party members were scrambling to the help lines because they had not received their personal information numbers which are required to vote. Others reported receiving multiple PINs! There was also concern about the low registration numbers until free tickets for Sunday's event started circulating.

The new leader will be crowned as the Fall quarterly Corporate Research Poll is in the field. The Dunderdale government has been on a charm offensive spending money like it is an election year despite throwing hundreds of public servants on the unemployment heap earlier in the year.

The government's unparalleled public opinion free fall and the disintegration of the Provincial NDP has provided the Liberals with a surge of support at a critical time.

Will the liberals choose a new leader with a fresh approach or endorse the past? My wife and I cast our votes for change. The right leader can attract solid candidates who might be able to get the party and the province back on track.

The outcome will shift the focus from the Grits recent free ride to a real test. That test will certainly determine if the party can unite, organize and earn the confidence of a cynical public that very much desires an alternative to the current regime.

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