Saturday, November 16, 2013


I really enjoyed our night out at the symphony.

Shallaway's Camerata ensemble performed with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, along with Gordon Pinsent! How great is that. I could never imagined such fantastic opportunities as a young boy in St. Bernard's, not that I had a fraction of Aidan's vocal talents.

My first introduction to the richness and diversity of classical music was in high school. It was not in a music class, we never had that after elementary. Rather, Craig, Rhonda, Johnny and I were given a crash course in composers via select snippets from John Maher's collection of LP's in perpetration for Reach For The Top - we could not look like total heathens up against those townie towers of knowledge.

Later teachers like Robert Pickett and Mike Finn built on this, instilling a love of CBC Radio and
the arts.

Classical is the essence of what music really is. The emphasis is on the aural, but the beautiful visual of each instrument played by one individual artist is undeniably stimulating. The grace, the passion and the symbiotic relationship ..... not to mention the aural ecstasy.

Than the conductor merges this cacophony into one instrument, like keys on a piano, to create blissful harmony that tells a story, takes you on a journey without words. I can not imagine how this felt for people who attended symphonies before the arrival of amplifiers, speakers, movies or recorded sound. The music stimulated the imagination through emotional responses to the mood, rhythm and intensity of the piece being performed.

A great night made even better by the fact that Aidan's 94 year old great grandfather, a regular patron of the NSO, was in the audience.

It is a wonderful world.

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