Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The chill is in the Autumn Air!

A little frost on the car windows, the temperatures have dropped below ten and Aidan wants to wear a t-shirt to school! The July dress code is still in effect.

What is his stubborn refusal to dress for the weather all about. Is he just not capable of thinking far enough into the future to prepare for rain or cold? Perhaps he wants to look cool! Perhaps it is the hot-nature of the junior high school experience.

I really don't know but I am vexed. His reasoning is that he is inside the building all day. Yea, but what about the walk home? I expect appropriate dress for certain weather situations. The last thing I  want to deal with is an argument over outerwear on the way out the door.

I suppose there is no danger, yet, of frostbite but I can hear mom, " It is 10 degrees why doesn't he have a coat on ?"  Just because I think it is too cold to be out without a jacket on does not mean that everyone else is in agreement.

I'll keep buying hats, gloves, hoodies, sweaters and coats. It is up to him what he is going to wear each day.

One of these days he will learn that it’s better to be comfortable and warm than cold just so you can look cool!

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