Tuesday, October 15, 2013


No good deed goes unpunished.

It amazes me how often intelligent decision makers punish the innocent and responsible.

Take the case of a 17-year old student who was booted as captain of her volleyball team and suspended for five games because she gave a drunken friend a ride home from a party.

Erin Cox initially got into some hot water with police when they initially lumped her with a group of underage kids who were told they may have to appear in court for drinking. She clarified that and the police agreed that she had not been drinking or been in the possession of booze.

The honor student was not as fortunate when it came to the heavy hand of the anal administration at  North Andover High. Their narrow myopic interpretation of the district's zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy netted her some severe consequences for her Samaritan behavior.

The kicker, poor Erin was not even at the party. She only went there to pick-up her friend who had called her for a ride.  

A little overkill and a lots  of stupidity.

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