Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The Premier has had a good week. 

Lots of good economic news over the past week, not necessarily of her government's making but desperate political times demand a little co-option of good news. Soon we will be hearing how the government is responsible for the tectonic drifts that enabled the offshore oil industry.

Speaking of the oily things that rest beneath the surface. The hasty, confusing and not all together convincing scenario woven by the Premier and her former minister responsible for inflicting Muskrat Falls on us, come hell, high water or poor economic case, is beginning to shatter like PC Party Polling numbers.

The premier acknowledged that she argued a lot with Jerome. It was expected she said, he has an adversarial approach. Kennedy acknowledged as much. Sure they had a fight n China but Jerome was not sulking over it. No sir, the timing of his departure was just a coincidence. 

Interim Liberal Leader Eddy Joyce, known to dig under the rocks, was quick to blame the resignation on the Premier' stubborn refusal to allow a real independent review of the Muskrat Project. The allegation was denied as an attempt to make political hay from the warm weather in the wake of the hurricane that was Kennedy's resignation.

What has been bubbling to the surface from some in the know is that Kennedy was all but castrated when it came to the Muskrat Falls Project. The all-powerful defender of the faith was usurped by Nalcor officials and the Premier, so the story goes, refused to allow Kennedy to put a leash on the monster he helped create. 

Des Sullivan, vocal critic of this Muskrat Falls project says struggles getting information from Nalcor and the Premier's refusal to establish a “Muskrat Falls Oversight Committee” led to Jerome's exit.

  If any of the rumours related to Kennedy's alleged concerns are real, there is reason for even greater concern that our democratic decision making process has been usurped by a powerful unelected cabal with a license to do what ever they wish.

I am not one for conspiracy theories but something grimy is seeping out of the Natural Resources Building and is not offering us any royalties.  


Anonymous said...

This may be a conspiracy theory, but when there is smoke there is a often a fire. The entire city is talking in hushed tones about the Kennedy affair. It raises some very good questions.

There is a point when the lack of action by the Minister of Finance, or the Deputy Minister, when it comes to oversight of public funds is negligent.

Nalcor is not an independent body. They could not exist without their main beneficiary. This is a public expenditure, and it should be subject to the same oversight as any other government spending.

How are we letting this happen?

Why are we letting the same thing happen again?

When will we learn as a province that these things should not be done behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Since when has any Newfoundlander worried about where the money is coming from for a make-work project? That's all this is.