Sunday, October 6, 2013


Another incident involving a Sikorsky S-92 ferrying passengers to oil platforms occurred on Friday.

This time the incident was in the North Sea.

The helicopter made a precautionary landing on an abandoned offshore installation after a cockpit warning light illuminated.

Fortunately there are lots of facilities in the North Sea to facilitate an emergency landing, my question would be if an S-92 encountered the same issue in the NL offshore would it have ditched in the ocean? I'll be watching the official reports to learn more about what happened.

The helicopter was operated by Bristow Helicopters who are a twenty percent owner of Cougar Helicopters.

Cougar helicopters had a a pair of incidents with the S-92 in September. A Tail Rotor Servo Pressure indicator light forced a helicopter to return to St. John's. Another incident led to a helicopter being grounded on an offshore installation for a few days because of an issue with the autopilot system

I think it goes to show that the companies and pilots are taking no chances and the challenges of operating in the North Atlantic are not relegated to our offshore.

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