Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Premier Dunderdale is not wasting anytime.

The besieged P.C. Leader will be swearing in a new cabinet tomorrow morning at 10:00.

Will it be the much needed, long awaited mid-term realignment or a band-aid job? Stay tuned.

I hope she is going to show some leadership and give her cabinet a good shake-up by ejecting some non-performers, promoting some of the backbench talent and putting in place a group of individuals that are a who lot less arrogant and entitled.

Keep an eye on Joan Burke, Susan Sullivan & Paul Davis for redeployment. Possible new faces -Tracey Perry, Glen Littlejohn, Wade Verge & Steve Kent.

That is a tall order considering ejecting folks from cabinet might lead to some unneeded by-elections.

Short term pain for long term gain I say.

Shape-up or ship out.

I also noticed that the P.C's are wasting little time in getting a candidate in place in the upcoming by-election to replace Jerome Kennedy. The deadline to submit nomination papers is Thursday at noon!

The Liberals have some high profile candidates looking for the right to carry their banner in the by-election.  Jamie Korab and Don Coombs have already announced that they want the job.

The Premier stated that the date of the by-election will be sometime after the Liberals select a new leader. Three of the leadership candidates are not M.H.A's. The premier wants to put the new leader (if it is an outside) in the position of turning down a chance to run.

Provincial legislation demands that the by-election date has to be announced within 60 days of a vacancy.

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