Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Dippers made history, again, in Nova Scotia.

Premier Dexter lost his seat and led the party back to third party status. It is the first time since 1882 that the voters deprived the incumbent governing party a return to governing.

The news for federal and provincial liberals is good. Justin Trudeau was a very recognizable presence in the Nova Scotia election drawing crowds wherever he campaigned. The win brings the Liberals in Nova Scotia back to power after a 14 year absence. The NDP historic beachhead has been lost.

The resurgent Federal Liberal Party is rejuvenating provincial and local liberal organizations throughout the country Now the question is will the NDP be able to hold onto the gains made in Atlantic Canada in the last federal election? It has to be discouraging times for the Dippers who had great reason for optimism. It would appear that the Orange Crush has gone bust in Atlantic Canada under Thomas Mulcair.

Even in our province disaffected voters appear to be deserting the NDP. The momentum is with the leaderless Liberals who to this point have not offered anything new but have become the default choice for government, amongst decided voters. Interest in the Liberals five way leadership and plunging Conservative fortunes have made it a pretty good time to be a Liberal in Atlantic Canada.

Of course a night or a week is a pretty long time in politics. Much can change between now and the next pair of general elections.

I'll go out a limb and say this, the predicted end of the Liberal Party was a bit premature.

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