Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This was my first Thanksgiving as a diabetic.

This is a holiday about family and food. Sure we get together and eat at Christmas, but the holiday is not because of the meal.

I have had a real struggle over the past couple of months getting this disease under control. From the start I said there is no one to cheat but myself and that I am not loosing a foot or going blind. As testament to my good behavior I defer to my sister-in-law's comments over dinner a few weeks ago. We had gone out for some Chinese. I concentrated on sushi, shrimp, salad and some vegetable dishes. My brother, not so much. While he is munching down on some carb ridden sweet dish she looked at him and said "Peter sure is taking this diabetes thing seriously". Mike frowned at me. Seems our genetics are catching-up on us.

So along comes the biggest feast day of the year. How does one keep the traditional menu going when your trying to stay healthy? It is even harder when you are not the one showing your stuff and preparing the meal.

I skipped the potatoes, went very easy on the dressing, ignored the cranberry sauce, ate lots of greens and pease pudding. The temptation to overeat - not doing so is a lot like being the only sober person at a party - was great....and the deserts..pumkin pie and an ice-cream sandwich covered in whip cream and crumbled Score Bar was decadent.

That proved to be my weak point. Not having Pumpkin Pie as part of my Thanksgiving Dinner would be sacrilege. It has never happened. I love Pumpkin Pie. So, I had a small slice, drove my sugars-up and did some extra kilometers on the treadmill to make up for it. As my doctor says, everything is okay in moderation.

The idea of not being able to enjoy a nice hefty slice of the pie got me to thinking. What alternative's can I find to the traditional Pumpkin Pie that reduces those frigging carbs and the fat content. The filling can easily be stripped of sugar - use an sweetener. The real offender is the crust.

I found a few great recipes that sounds yummy, substituting white flour for whole wheat graham-cracker crumbs and using canola oil instead of butter ensure I'll be enjoying Pumpkin Pie -guilt free - on the Thanksgiving Day holiday well into the future.

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