Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Between the provincial NDP Donnybrook, the duff hitting the Prime Minister's fan and the American spy controversy, I am having trouble keeping-up with the news let a lone commenting on it.

Mike Duffy is becoming a bit of an anti-hero through his media savvy counter-offensive against the  Prime Ministers desire to have three of his appointees to the Senate suspended without pay before the Conservative National  Convention begins this weekend in Calgary.

Duffy speaking in sound bites sent a shock wave through the anti-senate, anti-corruption Conservative base yesterday when he received not one, nut two payments from the murky Conservative black-ops fund controlled by the PMO.

With the gusto of a circus ringleader, Duffy told the Senate that  Conservative party lawyer Arthur Hamilton paid his $13,560 legal bill! The revelation throws more doubt on the  Prime Minister's recollection of events related to his role in the Duffy scheme. Harper has not been able to get his ever-changing story straight.

Six months after Nigel Wright left the role of the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff , the Prime Minister has offered a revision of the rationale for the departure. Originally Harper said he regretfully accept his top lieutenant’s resignation after the secret payment of $90,000 surfaced. The new spin, Harper says he fired his right arm for writing the cheque to Duffy.

The message to the Conservative base - sure I told Duffy to repay his debts and I cut the cancer out of my office to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again. Will the base accept this version of events?

Was the Prime Minister snookered by his errant Chief of Staff, or is this type of corruption, backdoor payments of fraudulent expenses, whitewashing of reports and unethical behavior a reflection of how the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper really works

The entire fiasco brings me back to the 2005 Chuck Cadman affair and the Prime Ministers denial of involvement in the scheme to bribe the dying independent M.P. in exchange for voting to bring down the Liberal minority government.

Remember how Harper's team offering a bribe of million dollar life insurance policy to  Cadman to bring down the Liberal minority government of the day. This from the crowd that won an election on that promises to clean up politics in this country on the heels of the Liberal Ad-scam scandal.

Remember the denials, the release of tapes confirming the offers and the Prime Minister distancing himself from the actions.

This time Harper is not combating a corpse, but a very animated Mike Duffy who appears to have kept meticulous notes and correspondence, if not his own secret recordings.

Does any one in this country truly believe that  the master of cunning, political manipulation,  the quintessential micro-manager did not know what was going on with the Conservative slush fund

Harper's Mr. Clean image -- and the pledge to clean up corruption in Ottawa are carefully constructed ruses. Under the Conservatives Ottawa and tax-payers money has become an all you can eat buffet for the politically connected.

Harper's chickens have come home to roost.

Harper will not be leading his party into the next election.

It is departure time. It is no longer a matter of if, but when.

History will not be kind to this fraudulent false-reformer.

Somewhere, Chadman must be smiling!

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I sure hope you're right.