Thursday, October 3, 2013


He is passionate, knowledgeable, opinionated stubborn, resilient, controversial, educated, hard working and determined.

He generates more press than most members of the House of Assembly and has more political lives than a cat but is he a future premier?

The politician turned businessman turned politician has grit to spare. Since being turfed out as the Liberal MHA for Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair in 1996, the dogged determined Dumaresque has never shied away from attempting to restart his short-circuited political career. He has run for federal and provincial nominations. He has sought election to the House of Assembly in Torngat and Baie Verte-Springdale.

He has been elected President of the Liberal Party Danny but remains a very polarizing force within the party.  Opinions are sharply divided, there is little to no middle ground when it comes to liking him.

His performance at the St. John’s Board of Trade Debate in the last provincial election was a memorable event that will continue to haunt his leadership desires. Fellow Liberal candidate Drew Brown's said Danny Dumaresque, was an "Idiotic man"

Having watched or listened to the leadership debates, I cannot help but feel that Danny’s lost potential has resurfaced. 

He has exceeded expectations and made people think. He has rehabilitated his reputation.

If one could wipe the slate clean, this leadership race would not be an uphill battle for him.

I look forward to Danny’s return to the House of Assembly in the next election. I can barely hide my grin when I think of him sitting around the cabinet table smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
I think this leadership race has been enhanced by Danny's participation.

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