Wednesday, October 9, 2013


After two months of practice, some late nights and lots of excitement Aidan and Conor are hyped for the premiere of Peter MacDonald's production of the Wizard of OZ.

They are both playing Munchkins. Aidan has a speaking role, while Conor is singing.

Most people don’t quite understand the time, energy, and knowledge that goes into a  theater production, whether it be a small scale, high school play, or a production of the Wizard of OZ.

Music and theater is every bit as important as chemistry, math or other core subjects. However anything pertaining to the theater, especially acting, is relegated to being an “extra-curricular”. With this Spring’s budget cuts, teachers are going to find it even more difficult to find the time to take on student productions.

I believe that drama and theater programs should be part of the education. young students are able to see things from other perspectives, and are able to draw on this extraordinary “living textbook,” to become characters, enhance their  communication skills, as well as their perception of what learning really is.

Children have an extraordinary capacity to figure out their place in a large project, observe what others around them are doing/saying, memorize their lines, and retain their knowledge of the time and place. Participating in a theater production with older members of the community treach children how to behave appropriately in the social aspects that go along with being a part of something that big.

The first show will be performed this morning for school kids from all around the city. Virginia Park Elementary is sending all our students to the show. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience a life play. Reinforcing our inclusionary principles, no kid gets left behind. The school council is underwriting the costs.

The boy's cousin, Amy Grainger is playing Dorothy, making this production a real family affair. 

It runs from October 9 -12 at the Arts and Culture Center's main theater. Tickets are $31.50 Adult $29.50 Seniors/Students.

Follow the yellow brick road over the rainbow!

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