Monday, September 23, 2013


Municipal election campaigns across the province will wrap-up today as the get-out-the-vote machines go into high gear for tomorrow's vote. Candidates will be checking their lists of identified support to ensure every committed vote is cast.

The race here in St. John's has not been terribly exciting. I am looking forward to Ron Ellsworth's return to City Hall as Deputy Mayor and Mayor O'Keefe's  re-election as Mayor. The race I am watching with the most interest is Ward Four. Bernie Davis is hoping the third time is the charm. The at-large race could produce some surprises as well, although I expect all three incumbents to be re-elected.

The deadline to mail in your ballot has passed. Voters can drop their ballots off at  the drop box in front of City Hall or at the satellite drop-off  located  in each ward.

There are three opportunities to ensure your ballot is received and counted on election day:
  • Prior to, and including election day, return envelopes can be dropped off in the designated ‘mail box’ outside the first floor of City Hall, anytime;
  • On election day, return envelopes can be deposited at either of the five satellite drop-off centres from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.;
  • If a voter did not receive a vote by mail kit, they can, upon presentation of required documentation at a satellite drop-off centre, receive a vote by mail kit on election day. The vote by mail kit can be completed on site and deposited into a ballot box at the satellite drop-off centre.
 It only takes a few minutes to participate.

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