Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Not quite Florida but the bugs in the hybrid voting system in St. John's is sure to generate some discussion over the next few days.

It would appear that the city was not prepared for the volume of people who wanted to vote the old fashioned way - at a polling station. Some of the satellite stations experienced congestion and were open for an hour later than they were supposed to be. Will the extra time provided be contested in the case of close races? Where people deprived of their right to vote because of long line-ups at the voting booths?

From my perspective, folks had months to ensure that they were on the voting list, to receive and return ballots. Leaving voting to the last minute is bound to create problems. That said, if the City is going to offer citizens an old fashioned ballot box, than the infrastructure should be in place to handle it!

I was pleased to see a number of winners tonight. Ron Ellsworth's election to the Deputy Mayor's role is good news for the city. Bernie Davis's win in Ward 4 is a personal triumph for a great community volunteer. Art Puddister returns to the  council table after a four year break. I lost only one vote tonight. Derek Windsor did not come close to winning one of the at-large spots.I thought he would make a good Councillor.

The race was male dominated and not a single female was elected.

Three brand new faces, a pair of veteran returnees, a competitive race and four more years of Dennis O'Keefe at the helm,  what more could the citizens of the city ask for?

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