Monday, September 23, 2013


You are what you eat!

Health advocates in West Virginia are tying to come to grips with an epidemic of Mountain Dew Mouth!

One potential remedy being floated: Stop allowing people to buy soda with food stamps. It ends up being a double-whammy, says the researcher. Taxpayers first pay for the soda, and then they pay for a dentist to start yanking teeth.

Dentists, doctors and health care providers say soda is cheaper than milk and kids are drinking too much of it.

The result is the erosion of teeth by the acids and sugars in soft drinks like mountain dew.  

Soft drinks have emerged as one of the most significant dietary sources of tooth decay, affecting people of all ages. Acids and acidic sugar byproducts in soft drinks soften tooth enamel, contributing to the formation of cavities. In extreme cases, softer enamel combined with improper brushing, grinding of the teeth or other conditions can lead to tooth loss.

In a three-person case study published in the March/April 2013 issue of the journal General Dentistry, Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny studied the teeth of a diet soda drinker and two drug addicts and found similar dental erosion among all three.

Researchers at Yale have found clear links between drinking soft drinks and increased calories and body weight. Children and adults who  drink soda and soft drinks:
  • Take in more sugar.
  • Do not eat less of other foods to adjust for the calories
    taken in from these unhealthy drinks.
  • Drink less milk, which has important health benefits like
    Vitamins A, D, and calcium.
  • People who drink more soda and sugary soft drinks are also
    at a higher risk for health problems such as diabetes and high
    blood pressure.

Drinking sugary soft drinks leads to increased body weight and puts kids and adults at risk for other health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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