Thursday, September 19, 2013


You might swear it was Christmas.

Aidan is busy installing iOS 7 on the iPhones, iPads and Conor's iTouch.

Dad it is like getting a new phone. It is awesome.

Frankly, I am not as excited because my iPad is the original. The last version of iOS that was compatible with it was iOS 5 and I do not have the privilege of owning an iPhone!

The new operating system went live for download yesterday afternoon. Surprisingly the downlaod of the upgrade was faster than anticipated considering that millions of users were all pinning or it at the same time.

Downloading version 11.1 of iTunes was much slower. 

The new iOS feels, looks and handles nicely. This version has something like 200 new features including a new interface offering the devices new functionality. The control Center is a welcome addition. iTunes radio offers great choices and is great for music discovery. I also think the addition of airdrop is a great move.

Here are a few reviews: 

Apple appears to have a big winner on it's hands in the battle for mobile supremacy. The initial hype was certainly right. 

Now, please Apple release the Retina Display iPad mini. 

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