Friday, September 13, 2013


Conor, my youngest son, turned ten today!

Where did the past ten years go? Where did my baby boy go? The back to school realization that Aidan was in his last year of junior high and that Liam is wearing a size 10 mens shoe was tough enough. Now little Con is in the 'double digits"

Our goal has been to raise respectful, confident, responsible, hard-working boys who will do more than their share. Sometimes I forget that Conor is four years younger than Aidan, expecting the same maturity. I really have to watch that. 

He likes to whine when we ask him to do a chore, is fascinated with video games, dancing, acting, singing and reading, and is more inclined to hang-out in the house than on the street.

Thinking back, Conor was the hyper one. He had two modes - go and stop. There was no middle gear. When he went to kindergarten we were expecting  some turbulence.  To our shock, and pleasant surprise, we received great comments about his behavior and learning. Unlike the other guys, Conor is more independent, does his homework and projects on his own projects. We often learn of his involvement in school plays, concerts and contests the night of. No coaching, massaging or coercion. He lives in the moment.

I remember when Kris was pregnant on Liam, what another personality was going to be like.  How much different and how similar would the boys be? Each of them has a unique way of feeling, thinking, and interacting. 

Now I am the proud dad of two pre-teens and a teen. A new era which I am sure is going to bring lots of new challenges for us all.

We have done our best to be there for most of the events in life. Not just attend to be seen, but be engaged despite all the modern distractions. I never played hockey and truly suck at things like tying skate laces - that is Kristine's department. I realized this summer that life is full of distractions, you go to a soccer game or a concert and people are distracted with cell phones and social media. Often we are there in person but not in spirit. I have resolved to change that this fall by eliminating some distractions and focusing on what is most important, really being there for every milestone and every memory. You do not get a second chance.

The birthday ask, scooter parts which morphed into a new scooter!

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