Saturday, September 14, 2013


For all my talk about Apple products, you might be surprise to learn that I have never owned an iPhone. My wife and Aidan have one. I prefer something a little simpler. Frankly, I hate cell phones. To me they are like a tracking tag that you can never escape from.

Hence my normal lassie-fair attitude towards Apple’s traditional September iPhone event. Last year they bundled in exciting news about the iPad Mini, so the event was on my radar. Frankly, I was not so much disappointed as non-excited about this years live roll out from Cupertino, neither were shareholders. Stock in Apple and companies that supply them took a southerly direction after the company's smartphone reveal, the iPhone 5S and a cheaper iPhone 5C.

I was hoping for the announcement of a new processor for the iPad mini and retina display, the fabled iWatch, much lower costing phones or a new HDTV! Nope, nothing in Cupertino’s sack of toys for this big child.

Rumors about a retina-packing iPad mini sequel are abundant. My original iPad can not longer accept IOS updates so I am in the market for something new. The iPad mini is in my scopes. I like the feel, touch and speed of the unit compared to the other mini tablets flooding the market.

I seriously considered the Microsoft Surface, but I am holding out for the retina version of the iPad mini. The pain of waiting, of not purchasing before the sequel arrives is much harder than I thought. My sister in-law just got a new mini and I am so jealous. However, she may be even more jealous if I am able to purchase retina-packing iPad mini sequel before Christmas.

I am like a child, I want it now.

Fingers crossed.

In the meantime perhaps I will win the bidding war for the pull-string-to-talk Steve Jobs doll!

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