Sunday, September 22, 2013


Like all good things, the original Television series Dexter must end.

Tonight, the anti-hero serial killer’s eight-year run comes to a bloody conclusion.  Where did the time go?

I started watching Dex in the second season. It was gruesome, unsettling and addictive. At first, I could not reconcile being hooked on a series about a serial killer living by a code to kill the guilty that escape justice.It felt icky. Not to mention that the supporting characters were a little weak and the show often reeked of cheese.

His code, quirky humour desire to be normal and edge of the seat suspense turned this series into a hit. For eight years ( I ducked out for a few seasons)  I have watched Dexter balance family life, a career in law enforcement and his “code” for murdering. I wonder why?

Why would we tune into such a gruesome, dark story about a psychopath, week after week, year after year? 

Once you get past the gore (I am never comfortable when Kris brings home a" Price Club" sized box of plastic wrap) our hero is punishing the wicked, avenging the innocent and delivering retribution to evildoers who would otherwise escape it.

Are you a fan, if so why?

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