Thursday, August 8, 2013


Big Brother is watching and listening to us in more ways than we might have thought imaginable. From low orbit, high-resolution satellites to our phone and internet chatter. Privacy in the post-911 world is becoming scarcer and scarcer.

Using techniques we associated with Chinese or Russian hackers,  our privacy is under assualt.

Today the Wall Street Journal reported that spy agencies (FBI) have developed spyware that can activate cameras and microphones in Android devices to record conversations without the user even knowing. Google has refused to comment. One can only assume that if the government has hacked Android than Apple and PC products are just as vulnerable.

 I suppose, if we have nothing to hide, we should have nothing to fear. The fact that we are being monitored by government officials is disturbing and unacceptable. Imagine the government listening into your most intimate private conversations by flicking on your phone, laptop or televisions internal microphone/camera. Suddenly the X-Box connects scares me!

We have been assured that Canadian authorities are not listening in on phone calls or rooting around on the desktops of home computers, but do you really believe that? Does the Department of National Defence share the results of its snooping with CSIS, police departments or American authorities? Sure the practice would be unconstitutional as it violates laws that require security and police officials to get a warrant before monitoring the private communications of an individual but does that matter under the guise of Peace Order and Good Government.

Who is protecting law abiding citizens from the potential abuse of our private information? Certainly not Parliament, it has been endrunned by the Executive. We as citizens have no say in significant changes to our personal freedoms.

The ongoing exposure has provided us with a chilling awareness of how fragile our freedoms have become in so called democratic states.

According to Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, we are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg. he is  going to release more documents  handed over to him by Edward Snowden. Greenwald claims  that he has 15,000 to 20,000 classified NSA documents in his possession.

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