Friday, August 30, 2013


Yesterday's editorial in The Telegram examines the correlation between the free fall in Progressive Conservative support in the province and the passage of the draconian Bill 29.

The editorial and the link to the access to information request for correspondence from the public to Premier Dunderdale regarding the passage of the bill weave an interesting narrative.

I'll say this much, the government has a nasty habit of telling us to trust them. Against all evidence to the contrary they argue they are right, opponents are always politically motivated and vilified.   Debate in the House of Assembly is shut down via closure. No better example exists than the lie that Bill 29 would more transparent and accountable than previous freedom of information legislation.

Poppycock and we all know it!

The ongoing insult to our collective intelligence has tainted the credibility of the Muskrat Falls Project and everything else the government touches.

Rehabilitating public perceptions in the wake of the realization that the government's message is full of crap is very obvious in the polling results of late. Not only has this governments arrogance created unparallelled cynicism in our elected officials, but the numbers related to satisfaction with government has plummeted.

There is no trust ......nor confidence the moment, the powers that be are simply reaping what they have sown.

Are the Liberals offering a real alternative? Time will tell

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