Thursday, August 8, 2013


 Japan continues to develop its unofficially "offensive" forces to have a more assertive role in its national defense.

In case you missed it, Japan launched another warship this week.

The Izumo is a a flat top destroyer that will be used to carry 14 helicopters.

As part of the terms of surrender that ended the Second World War, the Japanese are prohibited from developing an offensive military force. The nation's constitution forbids it as well.

The Izumo is the second "aircraft carrier like" vessel to be launched in the past three years. The Hyuga,  was launched in 2011.

With China enhancing its naval power with a new aircraft carrier, drones, submarines, and cutting-edge stealth technology, the Japanese are feeling vulnerable.  Japan relies on the U.S. for its security in Asia but the balance of power in the world is changing.

While Uncle Sam struggles with military spending, her competitors and allies are ramping up their military strength to advance their interests.

 The developments and the election of a Conservative government means Japan's postwar pacifism may be over. A few weeks ago the the country’s defense minister said Japan is considering the acquisition of offensive weapons and surveillance drones and will assume a more active role in regional security.

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Unknown said...

Not really surprising, and not a concern for global security. Relying on the US for regional security is not really the wisest move in many places anymore. In reality, economic & cyber protections would probably have greater real value, but doesn't build nationalism in the same way.