Thursday, August 8, 2013


Video gamers have reached new heights!

Professional e-gamers are now in the same league as  NHL players.

The United States issued a a P-1A visa, a visa normally reserved for professional athletes, to  Danny "Shiphtur" Le. The Canadian League of Legends star. Le needs to move so he can train and play alongside his new team in Riverside, California.

How lucrative is professional gaming?  Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, a gamer who’s considered to be the world’s first professional competitive gamer, was most active between 1999-2005 and has made $454,544.98 by participating in 35 different tournaments.

The sport continues to grow and there are a bunch of growing professional gaming leagues/tournaments out there like Major League Gaming (MLG), EVO, and League of Legends World Championship (LCS).

According to a recent Gamespot interview with Riot Games manager Nick Allen, last year’s World Championship League of Legends event had a viewership 8.2 million unique viewers.

This year’s winner will receive $1 million dollars out of $8 million in prize money.

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