Friday, August 30, 2013


Opinions might be mixed but the english students, teachers, staff and parents will all be starting under a new super school board next week.

Former Education Deputy Minister turned CEO/Director of Education of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District delivered on a promise to have the province wide board ready for the opening of the school year. 

The board will administer 259 schools, some 9,000 staff and 67,000 students.

The boards were downsized from 5 to just two for the entire province. Since 2004, when school board administration was last consolidated, enrolment has declined by about 14,000 students – or 17 per cent. 
 The new board's website is active.

Members of the transition committee include the elected chairs and one additional elected trustee from each of the four current English-language school boards. Elections for the new school board are not expected until 2014. School board elections were differed in 1997 to allow Term 17 to be dealt with by the House of Commons and the Senate.

Consider joining your child's school council this year.T hey bring together education professionals, parents, students and other community members and build on the collective knowledge, skills, abilities, interests and resources to enhance the education and development of children. The collaborative efforts of school councils have had a positive influence in improving the teaching and learning environment for the children in the schools they serve.

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