Friday, August 9, 2013


One of the three remaining original 124 original Munchkins from the 1939 classic movie “The Wizard of Oz,” passed away yesterday.

Margaret Pellegrini, was 89. I would not have thought much about the news report but considering Munchkins derailed my August holiday plans, the news caught my attention.

We took a different approach this summer. Instead of registering the boys  in soccer, rugby and swimming we decided to free them up. This meant they could spend as much of the summer as they wanted (outside of a few hockey camps) in St. Bernard's with Nan and Pop.

Pop and I were planning a trip via train to Toronto and Montreal in August with the kids. My dad is a former railroader, the kids have never been on a train and visions of roller coasters were dancing in our heads.

I should point out the Aidan argues that he has been on a train before. Kristine was five months pregnant with him when we took a train from Clairmorris to Dublin. That event provides him with bragging rights over the other two. It makes for a rancorous debate.

Well a funny thing happened on the way to Via. Conor and Aidan auditioned for the Peter MacDonald Fall production of the Wizard of Oz. They both landed parts as Munchkins and instead of traveling by rail - the boys will be skipping along the Yellow Brick Road.

I still can  not believe that our summer boy's bonding train and roller coaster trip has been thwarted by the Wizard of Oz's rigorous practice schedule. We are believers in committing fully.

Next summer perhaps!

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