Friday, August 9, 2013


The dark art of discrediting political actors is a talent that only a few unscrupulous players dare practice.  These unsavory types have no conscious, they have no regard for the impact that their mistruths have on the personal or professional lives of their prey. 

They are not builders… they are destroyers.

Every party has some of them. Did you here that the Premier is having an affair with this minister or that staffer? The rumor spreads and slowly, but surely, the target gets branded in a non-flattering light.

A great cotemporary example is the birthers movement in the United States.  Opponents of President Obama questioned whether the Democrat candidate was really an American citizen, speculating that he had been born in Kenya. When Obama produced his birth certificate they cried foul, suggesting the documents were forgeries.  The same people declared he was a Muslim, a radical in Democrat clothing.

There will always be folks influenced by Donald Trump or Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh who believe Obama is not really an American Citizen. The aim was to convince voters that a non-Christian, non-American had no business aspiring to the country’s highest office.

A while back, I was involved in a nomination process where the incumbent lost his bid to represent his party.  The nomination was challenged due to some technicalities. The results were thrown out. In the end the incumbent was successful in gaining the party’s reputation.  Years later, over a few drinks, a person who was very engaged in the party told me that he heard the reason the results were thrown out was because I had allegedly stuffed ballot boxes. He had been told this by a scumbag cabinet minister whose only goal was destroy my reputation.  Of course the allegation was a fabrication, there was no issue regarding my involvement in the process. However, there are those who were told this story that accepted it as the truth - forever framing their opinions of me.

Hence the power of the dark art to change perceptions, to ruin reputations and destroy peoples lives. The practitioners of which have had a boot on the throat of the party for too long.

We are in the early days of a leadership process where Liberals may very well choose the next Premier of the province. The stakes are much higher than selecting a sacrificial lamb for the next election.

Those sleveens that practice the dark art of character assassination have begun plying their trade.  Rumors – outright lies and falsehoods are being propagated in the hopes of handicapping candidates.

It is disgraceful. Let me make a suggestion. The next time one of these scumbags tells you on the QT that so and so did this, or that, tell them to shag off, threaten to out them or at the very least commit to stop feeding the fire by not passing on the malicious falsehoods.

Baseless smears and personal attacks destroyed the Liberal Party in 2001. Liberals best remember how they got thrown out in the cold and keep this race respectful and clean.

Remember, don't bleve nutting ya 'ears and only 'alf  ya sees.

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