Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Swimming dominated my summer holiday's in St. Bernard's.

Early to rise and right off the government slip, or wharf, we would go. The various slips, wharfs, and stores made great diving platforms. A hike to Hearn Cove and North East Cove offered big rocks to dive off. Go, go, go!

When the tide fell, we walked a few miles to the fresh water in Big Pond and Cow Pond. Home for supper and than back into the harbor until mom made us come in after dark.

The ponds and coves were our Aquarena in the Summer and often our rinks in Winter. We made our own fun. The days were magical. We were on the go every day. There was no television or video games. I always had a book, or a magazine to read. The nerd of the lot!

Conor has been spending his summer holidays in St. Bernard's with nan and pop. The little guy loves the water, pop's boat and life in the sleepy outport that I will always call home.

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