Monday, July 8, 2013


It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I last had an opportunity to post.  Work demands, life and health have conspired to keep me away from the computer.

The biggest news, my doctor has confirmed that I have Diabetes, which explains a lot of my grouchiness and tiredness over the past spell.  My sugar levels tested really high.  The diagnosis opens up a new era of forced fitness and exercise.  Learning the do’s and don’ts of the new regime has been a challenge. Carbohydrate counting is mind numbing but with practice it should get easier.

The provincial Liberal Leadership has gone from a potential snore fest to a titillating competition. Until Premier Kathy Dunderdale’s  evolving implosion, many wondered if  anyone would contest interim leader Dwight Ball for the what many considered the poison chalice.

I have been tapped to help me good friend, Liberal MHA Jim Bennett.  What role or the extent of my involvement remains unclear at this point. 

The field of candidates is prime with most pundits pronouncing he winner will most likely become Premier when voters go to the polls in a couple of years. Two years is a long time in politics. Renewal may be on the lips of the Liberals but it is on the minds of all three parties..

The prize has attracted two of Atlantic Canada’s top business executives.  Atlantic Business Magazine's Top 50 CEOs listed Paul Antle and Cathy Bennett  near the top. These people are successful entrepreneurs that know how to lead, build and have also demonstrated social consciousness through engagement in the community and public policy.

I can’t help but grin when I hear the suggestions from the partisan types  that Cathy Bennett is no a Liberal. Pass the cheese to go with that insistent whine.  The Tobin and Grimes Cabinet was full of former Progressive Conservative supporters and at least two floor crossers.  Party labels in this province are like hockey jerseys, when the players get drafted, traded or fired..they just  put on the new team colors and play.

I suggest it is time to inform the public of your policies and organize.  After all this race is going to be decided by all new Liberals, many of whom supported other parties and candidates in the past.

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