Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Liberal Leadership Candidate  Paul Antle will officially launch his campaign tomorrow morning.

The surprise last minute entrant into the 2012 Leadership Contest has really shaken things up amongst hard core liberal supporters who would have liked to support him but have already found-themselves ensconced in other campaigns.

For example, his long time political touchstone, former Liberal Party Treasurer Tom McGrath has a senior role in rival Cathy Bennett's campaign. McGrath made the commitment and is staying place, despite the fact that he has managed campaigns for Paul in the past.

He is sure to have a number of members of the Liberal Federal Caucus with him tomorrow. Senator George Furey is playing a key organizational role, as will M.P Scott Simms.  I expect a few defections to his camp after tomorrow's official launch.

This leadership has really turned loyalties and past allegiances upside down. Old camps and alliances are divided, working for different candidates. I think this is a good thing. It shows that the dyed-in-the-wool raggedy arse crowd are not sheep. They are voting with their feet by volunteering for the candidates they genuinely want to support. I will blog more on who senior workers, strategists, former and current party officials are supporting as the campaign evolves.

There will be no questions about Paul Antle's liberal roots or his financial contributions to the party. The St. John's businessman remained closely tied to the federal and provincial party over the past decade supporting events, candidates and fundraising appeals.

He is also the most educated and financially successful candidate in the race. An award winning businessman who possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Masters of Engineering Degree and is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

Impeccable qualifications for any leader!

He has always put his shoulder to the boulder to assist the party with his time, talent and treasure.

I am looking forward to learning more about his plans for the party's debt, organization, democratic reform and the policies he will champion as a Premier.

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