Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Another day and another studerbomb from the governing Progressive Conservatives.

Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy is not only backing away from commitments made in the 2011 PC Party Of Newfoundland and Labrador, he seems to be suggesting that such planing documents are a bit of a con produced in campaigns to sway voters.

Apparently the Progressive Conservative's New Vision was not really the governments vision for Newfoundland and Labrador.  He is even questioning the wording used in the document regarding specific promises.

In today's The Telegram, he is quoted as saying "“I’m not aware who wrote this, who put this in the Blue Book, what exactly they meant,”

The Finance Minister admitted that he really has no idea about what was promised in the document, where the promises came from or what most of them were! Yet he campaigned on this document?

Does he look like a fella with any concerns in this picture from the campaign announcement of the New Energy document?

I can tell you that senior bureaucrats follow that blue book like a road map. Copies of it can be found in the policy branches of every department because this is the government's vision.  

Are non-financial commitments promises? Or is just financial commitments that are not real promises? Than again this is the same government that prides itself on transparency and accountability and still passed the draconian Bill 29 to limit public access to information.

Considering the financial mess the government has found itself in through bad choices and the reduction in revenues since the last election, one could certainly understand delaying some commitments but to tell the voters that the blue book commitments were not really commitments at all is some frigging saucy.

I suppose it should not come as any surprise that Kennedy thinks the public is stupid. Just a few weeks ago his colleague, the P.C. MHA for Gander and Minister of Municipal Affairs inferred that the majority of people in this province are too uninformed to vote.

Lets help Jerome "Homer" Simpson out a little in finding out who wrote what and why for the promises that he campaigned on in 2011. Perhaps the author of the September 22nd, 2011 press release entitled " Premier Dunderdale unveils New Energy Blue Book" might know.  Glenda Power is now the Associate Secretary to Cabinet. She should not be hard to find.

An old Liberal acquaintance of mine once shared some of his grandather's wisdom with me. His grandfather took part in the migratory fishery in Labrador. The advice was that no matter how cold it gets, never burn your boat!

Burning the Blue Book is a lot like that!

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