Thursday, July 11, 2013


Festival 500 wrapped up last evening with an incredible finale at Mile One.

What a night of great performances concluding with Katie Perry's Firework.

Aidan was pumped for the big show. He was one of cast of hundreds that featured the Festival 500 Youth and Adult Choirs, The Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, Witloof Bay and Newfoundland's own celebrity tenor David Pomeroy.

Can you saw wow!

For Aidan, it was a hectic week of lunch and evening concerts, workshops and making new friends  from all over the country and the world. He was up and out the door most mornings by 8:00. He came home for supper, showered and was out the door again for evening performances.

If only I had all of these opportunities when I was growing-up, of course I can not carry a note.

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