Monday, July 8, 2013


The Summer heat means a hiatus for new episodes of The Game of Thrones.

Season four, covering the second half of the Storm of Swords will not air until the winter of 2014!

 Those of us left wanting in the interim can re-read the Storm of Swords, dive into the Westeros Novellas or watch-re-runs. I do have the original three board games based on the books which might provide an opportunity for some friends to compete for the Iron Throne.

The actors/characters found in the series have been Simponized by  Belgian artist Adrien Noterdaem.

Hopefully, next summer will see the release of George RR Martin's second last book in the "Ice and Fire"series.

If you are here and haven't read the books, rectify that by putting them on your summer reading list. The television series is fantastic, but the books are better. They provide a lot of background that is missing in the condensed television series.

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