Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Frampton Column
The Telegram columnist, Pam Frampton, asks some tough questions about Liberal Leadership Candidate Cathy Bennett.

Her weekend column explores the business leaders rationale for identifying with the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. Frampton juxtaposing Bennett's financial contributions to the Progressive Conservatives and P.C. appointments with her statement that " The authentic Cathy Bennett … has always been and will always be a Liberal.”
I really have no idea why some folks are focusing on the need for huge Liberal credentials, considering pretty much anyone can vote for the new Liberal Leader and party ideology is certainly not the primary focus.

It is not the Grit in the candidate that seems to matter, but the candidates ability to win the premier's chair come election time. Let us not get caught up in semantics.

What is it about the current Progressive Conservative Government's direction, policies and approach that Cathy Bennett disagrees with?

The answers will be found in her evolving platform.

The thousands of new & instant Liberals from Nain to Pouch Cove will decide who flies the party Standard in 2015, grit or no grit.

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