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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The Telegram's James McLeod has published a few insightful articles on the nuts and bolts of the process that the Liberal Party of Newfoundland has chosen to select/elect its next leader.

The process is facing some scrutiny because it is new, inclusive and may potentially pick the next premier of our province.

In today's Telegram McLeod explains the task ahead of the candidates as they race towards the September 30th deadline to sign up supporters. A few weeks ago he published a great blog post on the nuts & bolts of the process.

Just follow the links and grasp the rules.

At this point one has to wonder what is more important to candidate, the ground game or the  air campaign.

One might be excused for expecting that the former interim leader surely has a huge advantage over the other four challengers with all of the party machinery and resources of the opposition office and a two year jump on the competition to organize teams in all 48 districts.

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