Monday, June 10, 2013


After a morning of constantly visiting the Corporate Research Associates website, their  quarterly poll has been posted.

It spells very bad news for the Conservatives, great news for the Liberals who seem to be building the momentum. They are now virtually tied with the NDP, who after a year of unparalleled growth, appear to have hit the glass ceiling.

The free fall for the Conservatives has been remarkable. The party now stands at 27%, ten points below the NDP and the Liberals. The PC's were at 49% this time last year. Another revealing note, 63 per cent of voters said they were either mostly or completely dissatisfied. That is unheard of!

With a  brand worth nearly 40% of the provincial electorate, the race for the Liberal Leadership might get a little more interesting.

More on the poll and what it's implications will be on the provincial political landscape later.

Back to the grind!

Wicked stuff! 

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