Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Canada's public broadcaster is running a story this morning based on comments that convicted fraudster, turned top PMO aid and alleged influence peddler, Bruce Carson made on CBC News Network's Power & Politics, regarding Duffy payment scheme.

Carson, whose reputation the CBC helped destroy a few years ago, provided some insight into the operation of the inner circle of the Harper PMO, indicating that he was surprised to learn that the Prime Minister had not been in the loop on Ian Wright's decision to cut a personal cheque for $90,000 to cover former Conservative Senator Mike Duffy's Senate tab.

Carson, whose word is less than stellar, indicated that when he worked in the PMO, Harper was not shielded from sensitive information. The story reports that sensitive information was always conveyed to the prime minister "immediately" and "no matter how bad it was."

The picture attached to the story has to be one of the worse pictures of Carson I have seen. It certainly makes him look untrustworthy further framing the story and the PMO choice of staff.

Don't get me wrong,  P&P has written some strong opinion's about Carson in the past. It just seems a little self-serving of the CBC to turn Carson's commentary into a story considering the former aide's credibility is nearly non-existent.

Prime Minister Harper stated publicly that had he known the full extent of Carson's past convictions  and legal problems that he would not have hired him.

CBC broke a story last week claiming that that Harper’s disgraced former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, controlled a rich secret Conservative Party fund in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Prime Minster has a reputation as a control freak. I doubt that many Canadian's believe that Wright would have bailed out Duffy without direction from the Prime Minister.

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