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"In his opinion allowing a large number of 
uninformed voters access to the ballot box just 
because they have a computer or cell phone can
 result in a bad election  result. “People who don’t
 know what’s going on,voting for people they 
don’t know, is not appropriate,” he says. It is better 
to have 30 per cent of the community turn out who
 have a true interest in their town then to encourage
 a larger turn-out where the chance of an
 uninformed decision could win
the day. "

Municipal News
June 13, 2013

Could it  be that the Progressive Conservative Government thinks that the vast majority of people in this province are too stupid to be trusted with the right to vote?

2013 is a municipal election year in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Municipal Affairs Minister Kevin O'Brien was asked about the role of e-voting in increasing voter participation. His stupendous, demeaning, disrespectful anti-democratic judgement on utilizing technology astounding me.

Herr O'Brien's previous two bosses both expressed contempt for the House of Assembly. The Conservatives have proven themselves to be anti-democratic though the introduction of regressive third world freedom of information legislation and teamster tactics towards "dissidents". This latest outburst is very instructive on how the top echelon of this regime feels about the majority of the public.

One can glean from this that the the Dunderites feel that the latest poll results, that have their party in third place, are the result of uninformed voters.  O'Brien's comments reflects Jerome Kennedy's reflections last week that there is a message in the five polling period long slump in the government's popularity. He said the government is not doing a good job communicating their message.

I got a news flash for you Jerome, the messenger and the message are both flawed. The public no-longer have confidence in the direction of this government or it's leadership. The so called "uninformed 70%" have got your number, the jig is up and they are not buying what you are selling.

The arrogance and paternalism of this administration is sickening. 

O'Brien is implying that the 30% (or less if you only include the cabinet) know what is best for everyone. He has shown no  respect for human dignity implying that the majority of our population lack the ability to think and choose for themselves.

Thank god the public has caught on.

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