Sunday, May 19, 2013


The fodder for blogging this week has been plentiful, unfortunately free time has been scarcer!

The Leafs last minute meltdown, the Duffy expense farce, Angelina Jolee's double mastectomy, Kristie  Clarke's bounce back to power with a stronger majority, the defeat of Peter the Cheater, the resignation of the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, the passing of Ray Guy, the emerging Rob Ford Crack cocaine allegations and the continuing saga of Kathy Dunderdale's disintegration made for a week of news that kept on giving...and than some.

What a week for news junkies.

In what could be a prelude to the future for some members of Canada's senate, the U.K. parliamentary spending scandals finally saw several British Members of Parliament relocate from their privileged  Westminister offices to prison cells. Fraudulent expense spending revelations in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland blazed a path for the current Senate Expense Scandal which has reached right into the Prime Minister's Office.

How deep does the rot go in the outrageously corrupt Harper CONservative administration?

As the disillusioning news from this  administration oozes to the surface, can  a Chernobyl political melt-down be on the horizon?

What a week to be an Open Line Host!

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