Monday, May 13, 2013


As one of the hundreds of people directly impacted by the Provincial Government's "right sizing" initiative it boils my blood when I learn of the administration's largesse with public tax dollars for partisan purposes.

Whether it be increases to the salaries of political staffers, board appointments as rewards for  partisanship or other largesse, the hypocrisy of doing one thing themselves well selling a message of restraint to the public is maddening.

Thanks to the persistence of the fourth estate, particularly the CBC and The Telegram, we continue to learn how the Dunderdale Administration abuses/manipulates the democratic process.

This government has become the most secretive in the America's. It's arrogance, paranoia and self-righteous indignation are the trademarks of the partisan entropy that inevitably sets in when political parties fail to renew.

The revelation by the CBC today that the Dunderites paid a mainland communications outfit to examine  the government's communication malaise confirms the extent of the inability of the crew voters elected to communicate with us, and the extent to which they are utilizing the draconian Bill 29 to prevent us from learning what they are up to.

During the Well's administration public relations positions, in particular Communication's Directors were professionalized.   What was a partisan plums for friendly media types was transformed into roles for communications professionals. Public relations became a little more than calling your chums in the various newsrooms to manage your minister's public relations. It appears the pendulum has swung right back to where it started.

Every Cabinet Minister has his or her own highly paid Communications Director, than there are the dozens of communication directors and the Communication's Branch of Executive Council. Thumb through the Departmental Salaries released during the budget.

Do a search for communications positions? 


Million of dollars for partisanship. Dozens of appointed communication jockeys that are supposedly responsible for strategic communications, Yet with all of this, Dunderdale needed to reach outside and spend more of my hard earned tax dollars for a solution to their communications problems.

 Apparently, the details of the $150,000, 68-page report fall into the "vexatious, frivolous or trivial".  The failure to produce goes along way towards substantiating the concern from the opposition, think tanks, journalists and freedom of information advocates that the amendments to ATIPPA were designed to keep information away from the public.

Talk about your ironies, I am sure the number one issue with government messaging was that Dunderdale has no credibility. The public do not trust her or her word.

All of the Queen's communication directors, communication directors, partisan board appointees and sock puppets can not repair that problem.

The trust us approach illustrated in failing to produce the communications document reduces that credibility even more. What are they hiding? Why are they afraid to release this information? You just can not trust this crowd at face value can you?

Perhaps, if the governed more and acted less like telemarketers, they might have some credibility.

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Anonymous said...


I agree with you 100%. The "communication director" team by department confused the hell out of me, when all the messaging is coming direct from the Premier's office. It is a chronic waste of money. Especially when any major piece of communications is generated by an outside agency. I heard a quote that originated from Peter Fenwick (I cant recall where I read it) that the professional services was the largest pile of manure in the confederation building. With Dunderdale it is communications.

The amount of partisan driven coming from these apparantly non partisan communications people is a scandal.