Thursday, May 23, 2013


So the race for the Liberal Leadership is on.

News yesterday that someone is conducting a poll to determine their popularity in advance of declaring had tongues waggling.

The poll, conducted for former party president Danny Dumaresque asked respondents to choose between Dwight Ball, Jim Bennett and Dumaresque. The sample must have been quite large as several people in my circle got the call.

Interestingly enough the poll neglected to include former St. John's South - Mount Pearl M.P. Siobhan Coady who is rumored to be gauging support for her leadership bid.

The new leadership process will give the most organized candidate the upper hand. Considering that most local district associations are paper tigers, all of the candidates need to get a team on the ground if they hope to be competitive.

A competitive leadership should make for a good pre-election organization  drill.

More on the process later.

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