Thursday, May 23, 2013


My guys are growing up but Lego remains a constant theme in our lives.

Sure scooters, the XBOX, TV, soccer, tennis, dancing and basketball offer competition, but there is always the magnetic link to a pile of Lego.

Despite Kristine's consternation and claims "pete, we have enough", I continue to purchase bulk Lego when ever I can find them for the big project.  What that project is has evolved from local land marks like the downtown to the great wonders. Educational from the perspective of solving problems and design to the history of architecture and civilization.

Our Lego is stored in a half dozen plastic four drawer cabinets sorted by type and design.

Which gets me to the point, I want your previously loved Lego. From that small box lying around the house to those unused, unloved boxes of Lego from your childhood that are in a permanent state of  potential energy in your closet. I promise a good home with pay it forward potential.

On that note, here is a wonderful project courtesy of Gizmodo. A 1:1 scale model of the X-Wing fighter using an astounding 5,335,200 bricks!

Amazing, but it proofs you can build anything with enough bricks!

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