Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Okay, I'll admit Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall's approach to a controversy regarding her annual $11,000 bonus pay for chairing the Senate Selection Committee which has only met twice in nearly three years, is refreshing.

The arrogance, greed and "I am entitled to me entitlements" attitude of Duffy, Wallin and Harb are non existent. She was simply getting paid according to the salaries determined by the Senate for the roles she had been appointed too.

Yet, her approach is classy. She has asked the Senate Rules Committee to review her extra compensation and determine if it is appropriate. Frankly, it is shame that someone of Marshall's character, honesty and integrity has been drawn into this Senate Financial mess.

Sure politics is a zero sum game to many but blurring the reputation of Senator Marshall over finances is beyond the pale.


Anonymous said...

Peter, take off your rose colored glasses. Ms. Marshall has been getting paid for 2 years for chairing a committee that never met except for one meeting recently. She should have questioned her pay in the previous 2 years when she got paid and did not have a meeting. She is trying to fool us (voters) on this and it appears she has fooled you. She is no better than Duffy and Wallin. She took something she did not deserve.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I don't fooled me or anyone else. She was given a job and a compensation for accepting the role. I have accepted many jobs that included a retainer. Some months I earned that retainer, other months I have done nothing for it. However, I was available to do what ever the client needed. It might be better to offer payment for meetings of the organization, but Marshall certainly was not padding her expenses or showing contempt for the taxpayer. Instead she is saying lets review how I am paid for that role. Good on her