Thursday, May 30, 2013


A little more food frankenscience!

A farmer in Oregon has stumbled on a crop of genetically engineered wheat on his farm?

The non-approved strain was tested by Montasanto a decade ago but never approved for farming in the United States.

The Agriculture Department, the farmer and Montasanto have no idea how the frankenwheat ended up in the field.  It is possible that it blew into the field from a test site years ago. Farmers are concerned about the extend of the contamination of the engineered wheat because it could have a detrimental impact on wheat exports.

Many countries refuse to accept genetically modified foods.

The discovery was made last month. The farmer initially tried to kill the pest wheat with the herbicide Round-up but most of the plants survived!

No evidence exists that the never-approved wheat has entered the commercial food or feed supply.

The USDA is saying that "there’s reason to believe the incident is highly isolated and should not concern consumers or trading partners."

Sound familiar, nothing to see here.

Makes one wonder about his breakfast cereal! 

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