Friday, May 31, 2013


Good on Kathy, standing up for the province, give it to Harper and his cronies for trying to screw with our province's fisheries. It is not acceptable to make us give-up anything else for that promised loan guarantee.

The revelation earlier this week at the Board of Trade that she hung-up on the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright, after the Harper Government tried to extort concessions, on the legislation  regarding the processing of fish in this province, on the eve of signing the the Lower Churchill Loan Guarantee is very self-serving.

The Premier is using the CETA as a a red herring to try and reverse her evaporating political support in an attempt to make the year and half before she is made to retire a little more bearable.  Things are bad enough for her as it is, but she would not survive the year if the folks in rural Newfoundland and Labrador knew that her administration was so set on Churchill Falls, that they neglected the trade file.

Just like they neglected the to support Marystowns's bid for a $35-billion federal government marine infrastructure contract. Remember,  than Natural Resources Minister Kathy Dunderdale reassuring  the region that government was very much engaged in the file. They were doing everything they could to support this bid. It was a significant loss to Marystown, the Burin Peninsula and the province.

A few things to consider:

One, the province has already caved on the minimum processing regulations, the precedent was set when they allowed F.P.I to be drawn and quartered giving their Conservative friends at Ocean Choice an exemption to ship 75 per cent of its yellowtail flounder quota outside the province for processing.

Two, the minimum processing regulations would not stand-up to a trade challenge anyways. The days of supply management and processing regulations are coming to an end. The principals of "free trade" can not condone little old Newfoundland and Labrador controls production. Intransigence on the issue is not much of an option.

Besides, the OCI's of the world will redistribute their greater wealth when the European trade tariffs go down. More wealth for the wealthy, less jobs for plant workers!  Check out the PC Parties donor list to learn who donates more to the coffers!

Three, Dunderdale's theatrical outrage is so transparent and phoney that it would make the bluest tory throw-up his or her guts. The Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, not the Minister of International Trade, not the Minister responsible for Newfoundland and Labrador, not the Prime Minister but a lackie tried to extort her. She hung up on the most powerful political appointment in the land. Did she demand to speak to the Prime Minister or another member of the Privy Council? Nope. She obviously does not have access to the decision makers.

The Premier of the province, relegated to negotiating with a non-elected official for something she has put so much political capital into. What an embarrassing admission.  She is considered so unimportant and weak that Stephen Harper,Peter MacKay or Ed Fast would not talk to her.

In a nut shell, there are many industries in Canada that will lose out if provinces remain intransigent on production quotas, supply management and similar "unfair" trade practices. Dunderdale should have been looking for a soft landing for fishing sector or negotiated some sort of targeted transition but she missed the boat - now she feeds us spin.

Something smells and it is not rotten fish, it is the Premier's communication strategy.

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