Thursday, May 30, 2013


With a week left before she has to call a by-election in Cartwright-L'anse Au Clair, the Premier is searching for a gunslinger..

The Conservative's issued a nomination call today. Nominations will close at high noon on Saturday, June 01. The by-election must be called by June 6th.

The Liberals and the NDP have been campaigning full-out over the past few weeks. L'Anse au Clair's Jason Springle is the NDP candidate and the Liberal's have Charlottetown native Lisa Dempster.

The seat is a Liberal stronghold. Former provincial Liberal leader Yvonne Jones resigned as the MHA  in a successful bid to become the Member of Parliament for Labrador.

Interesting enough, voters in the district have been able to vote for a few weeks now. Special ballot's offices began accepting votes on May 17th. Voters need to show proof of address, identity and date of birth.The 2007 amendments to the province's election act allows people to use special special ballots to vote for a candidate that have not even been selected prior to the call of the by-election.

The provincial NDP challenged the constitutionality of the law following the last provincial election.

It will be interesting to see if the provincial polls are reflected in the by-election.

The real by-election tests for Dunderdale will take place when members of her caucus start retiring.

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