Thursday, May 23, 2013


Regular readings of my musing, rants and observations may remember that I deplore cell phones.

I vowed when I walked away as Director of Policy and Operations with the Official Opposition that I would never be on call 24/7 again via a blackberry.

Kristine, my wife, has made me purchase a cellular for emergencies. She likes me to take it hiking, biking, on business trips and the like. I have lost tow, but she keeps ensuring I have one.

Over the past month, I have gotten back into the private sector routine. People want to get a hold of you and using my cellular on a 9-5 basis has become a necessity. I do not text or use it for surfing the web. It is simply a tool for clients to reach me while I am scooting around.

Just prior to the Victoria Day Weekend, I was looking for my phone. I figured I left it at my office, it would turn up. On Thursday, my brother Mike got a call from someone claiming to be with the RNC asking if he knew the owner of a phone with my number attached to it. As a family of practical jokers, Mike just assumed I was putting him on.

On Monday the RNC called me apparently someone had robbed a few cars and when they were arrested my phone was amongst the rascals haul.

Now for the disturbing part. I actually miss the phone. Clients can not reach me. I am anchored to the desk or home.

The RNC say I should be able to collect it on Friday!


Anonymous said...

What a mystery, Peter. You still can't straighten up this whole Opp Chief of Staff business. In these posts, you insist you were chief of staff:

But in other posts (including this one) your position morphs to a mere director position.

All kinds of people exaggerate and claim unheld positions on their resumes. . or over a few beers . .or to hook a girl who might be too young and innocent to know better.

Which is this?

Peter L. Whittle said...

Not more of this. I was hired as chief of staff. I did the hiring and unfortunately the firing on behalf of the leader. However, I did not like the title, as it had some negative connotations. I asked that the title be changed to director of policy and planning, which I felt was more suitable. The salary vote, the decision making all remained the same. Why is this an issue for you? BEtter yet, come of the closet and play face to face. You might also ask Roger Grimes, Jim Bennett of Gerry Reid about it.

Read the comments on the post. No need to exaggerate anything. Either title works quite fine in this case.
I was hired as chief of staff asked that m business card and door plate reflect something less intimidating. Take it up with the House of Assembly or the leaders tjrough that period.

Peter L. Whittle said...

in fact I don't think that the top paying job in the Opposition Office (non elected) is considered anything but chief of staff in the budget allocations. Leader opp is given a PR Director, an additional sec, an Executive Assistant and a chief of staff. I suppose one could call the EA Community Affairs or the leaders lap dog but the pay and role would remain the same.

This continues to be a thorn for you, why? For one, I doubt you have ever seen my resume and secondly if you are sure of upheld position, make the statement using your own name. Say I am lying or misrepresenting myself and we can let the courts settle your slander or is it libelous claim.