Monday, May 20, 2013


Former MHA and Liberal Party of Newfoundland President Danny Dumaresque was on the hot line this morning discussing his next moves and his latest missed opportunity.

Danny has sold his fish business and assets and appears to be preparing the groundwork for a run at the Liberal leadership. At this point he clearly has the assets to force others to campaign for the job.

He also told Bill Rowe that he wanted to run in the upcoming by-election in Labrador. He represented the seat for two terms in the late 80’s to mid 1990’s.  He was in Florida when the nomination was called and was unable to answer the call. He says he will support the nominated candidate, Lisa Dempster.

Danny has been a very polarizing force within the Liberal Party over the past four decades.  Opinions are sharply divided, there is little to no middle ground.  His performance at the St. John’s Board of Trade Debate in the last provincial election was a memorable event that will haunt his leadership desires.

Danny the determined has cried wolf a number of times when it comes to seeking the leadership.  This time he has the resolve, the independence and perhaps an organization to make him a contender for the job?  Is Danny what the Liberals need to sweep the Conservatives out of office or even hold down the role of official opposition?

Ed Robert’s used to say, many are called, few are chosen. Lets see if more than the four expected candidates seek the job, and who will be chosen

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