Monday, May 20, 2013


The weather made for an indoor's weekend out in St. Bernard's.

No Barrasway Plate or trouting this weekend.

Lots of lobster, ribs, salads and rum took the edge off the rain and sloppy snow.

One of my tasks this weekend was to play tech guy for my mom and dad.

Mom's laptop is her link to the world. Like her car, she knows how to turn it on and expects it to work. Any little wrinkle like an update causes mayhem.  Tackling mom's I.T. issues  is a dammed if you do, dammed if you don't thing because if anything goes wrong after I leave, I feel responsible.

This weekend mom wanted to learn how to download pictures from her camera to her notebook. After a bunch of problems with her desktop, her laptop is like Fort Knox. Change is not all that welcome.

The best part of all this is that she wanted a "small camera for dad to use when he is out and about". I bought her one two years ago. We just rediscovered it, unwrapped in the box!

All teasing aside, Mom is much more adept at this stuff than she gives herself credit for. She just lacks savvy and confidence. I am leaving her in shipshape. All updates are completed, Skype is installed, she has a new wireless mouse and I managed to squeeze in a few shots of her birds.

My dad, who up until recently could not reset the VCR when the power went out has become a late adapter. My brother bought him an IPad and it rarely leaves his grip. The information highway is his autobahn. Between sending and receiving e-mails, browsing genealogical sites and Google Earth he has adapted to the digital revolution quite nicely.

This weekend I threw a couple of new lessons his way. PDF and Mobi files. He can now read National Geographic and Macleans on his little tablet. I updated his apps and the IOS. He is good to go as well. I am proud of him, in the few months that he has had this little machine he has taken to this new technology like a duck to water. Lots of questions, but he is a quick learner. We need to work on remembering passwords but he has the hang of it.

The internet service out here is a monopoly, Eastlink. The thing is that the speeds are unbelievable. Consistent, reliable and fast. Much faster than anything I can get in the city for a lot less.

It is back to Sin Jawns in the morning. 

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