Thursday, May 2, 2013


What a predicament the Lower Churchill Project has put us in?

On top of the plethora of concerns about the projects financial viability, it has had the all but neutered our provincial government’ desire to challenge the Federal Conservative Government on issues of life and death.

As I was driving back from work along  Windsor Lake yesterday evening, CBC rebroadcasted an exchange been NDP Leader Lorraine Micheal and Premier Dunderdale regarding the Federal Auditor Generals’s damming report on the decrepit condition of Search and Rescue services, equipment and locations in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Dunderdale had her dander-up. Her lack of passion and convection to  fight for the restoration of statistic  resources and assets was heartbreaking.. Was this really a Newfoundland premier I was listening to? Was this really the daughter of sea captain, someone raised in a rural community that was dependent on the unforgiving  Atlantic Ocean, refusing to call an inquiry or demand the Prime Minister undo the Coast Guard cuts.

Instead she has directed her Municipal Affair's Minister Intergovernmental Affairs Minister to write a letter to Ottawa. A letter! 

What makes this even more farcical is that she should be engaging her  IGA minister, you know the one that will be stripped of his job at the end of the month. That role is being folded back into the Premier’s office! 
If it were not for the deadly seriousness of her inaction and the Federal Conservative’s malice in removing search and rescue capability from this province, it would be laughable. A black humor filled episode of Yes Minister!

Next time we have a tragedy at sea that could have been prevented, Harper and his co-conspirator Kathy Dunderdale should be charged with negligence causing death.

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