Friday, May 31, 2013


Here in Newfoundland and Labrador we have a dish called Figgy Duff, which resembles  the English Spotted Dick. The soft puffy dough is boiled in a cotton bag in the same pot as a Jiggs Dinner.

I do not know if Prince Edward Island has a similar dish, but the Ottawa Senator that represents the province in the senate by the name of Duff is a little puffy and certainly is a dick.

It is hard to imagine that the disgraced former broadcaster's glutenous appetite for entitlements could get any larger.

Duffy saw himself as the big man in the Conservative Party writing the Prime Minister demanding some of the perks that unproductive ministers of the crown were receiving for free while he was on the rubber chicken circuit raising tons of dough to feed the parties P.R. machine. After all, did he not single handily crush Liberal Leader Stephen Dion's in the 2008 election giving the Conservatives their elusive majority!

 No appointment to cabinet, no ministerial expense account for poor Duffy.

What's an unrewarded guy to do? After all a Senator has to eat, whether he resides in PEI or not!

This week P.E.I's boiled dick took it on the double chin when it was revealed that on top of his residency issues and the $90,000 loan that cost Nigel Wright his job, he has allegedly submitted some false expense claims.  While his huge presence has been felt in just about every newscast and newspaper in the country over the past few weeks, he has not explained how he could be in Ottawa and participate in a CBC Radio election panel in PEI at the same time!

Perhaps, it is not politically correct, but it seems Apropos to  make fun of "Puffy Duffy"'s statue.

If snorts like a pig, walks like a pig, gorges
from the pubic trough like a pig than surely it is a pig1

There has never been a better poster boy for graft and corruption than the boiled Duffy!

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Anonymous said...

Love it. How totally accurate of how us taxpayers are feeding the gluttony of Ottawa.